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Assembly instructions

Assembling your own garland is really simple. Let's do it! :)

  1. Remove the balls and cable from the package.
  2. Each of the balls has a small hole – cut with sharp scissors to enlarge it to about 1 cm. 1 - 1,5 cm.
  3. Insert the bulb inside and pull apart the cables, that come from the bulb, so they push the small plastic ring to the hole.
  4. Do the same with each of the balls and... ready! :)

Here is a drawing that illustrates the assembly of the garland:

However, if you want a garland assembled, prepared to suspend and ready to use, we can do everything for you – to make it happen just order the ASSEMBLY SERVICE when you purchase your set.

Here you can see how to make the assembly of our Cotton Ball Lights:

Instruções de montagem – Candeeiros Luminart

Como preparar a Luminart  BIG Lamp? E facil! Vai precisar de:

  1. Bola grande (Luminart BIG Lamp)
  2. Balao (it is included - we send it with BIG Lamp)
  3. Aqua in a bottle with a pump spray/atomiser
  4. Mola p/fechar ou clothspeg (not obligatory)

Inflating your lampshade - take out the big lamps from the box (it is folded on half) and start the assembly:

  1. Grab the BIG Lamp for the hole in the middle and unfold it to it's original round shape
  2. Put the balloon inside the ball
  3. Inflate the balloon and close it in a way that you can easly open it again
  4. Spray the lamp with an even amout of water and concentrate on the creases
  5. Wait 1 minute and inflate the balloon once again - this time strongly, so it sticks out about 10 cm out of the hole (in case of lampshades L, XL and XXL it may be even more). It is very important step! It will give your lampshade a proper shape.
  6. Turn the balloon a few times and close it with a kittech clipper ot clothespeg.
  7. Hang the lamp with balloon inside and let it dry over night.
  8. When the lamp is dry you can remove the balloon. Your lamp is ready to use!

Aqui tem uma foto que ilustra as instruções de montagem: