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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Topics


Q What is the length of the cables and size of cotton balls?
Q How much energy the sets consume?
Q Are the Cotton Ball Lights safe?
Q How to clean a garland?
Q How to assemble the set yourself?
Q Can I send the garland as a gift?
Q I want to order a set as a gift. Can you not put the receipt in the package?
Q I want to receive a VAT invoice - what should I do?
Q To what bank account should I transfer the payment for purchased products?
Q How much time do I have to make the payment?
Q When will there be any promotions?
Q How much costs the delivery?
Q How are the sets packed?
Q How fast the products will be sent?
Q What if the bulb burn out?
Q Cable is broken / all the bulbs burned – how to file a complaint?
Q At what time can I contact your online service?
Q I have a different question!