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Terms and conditions

Please read the terms and conditions for shopping in our store:

I. General Conditions
II. Contract

III. Prices and payments

IV. Sending and delivery

V. Guarantee

VI. Right of withdrawal

VII. Reclamations

VIII. Declinación de responsabilidade

IX. Ley aplicable

I. Condiciones Generales
  1. These terms and conditions lay down the rules for the use of Luminart websites and the conditions for the purchase of goods and services through our web store.
  2. The online Luminart Store is conducted within the economic activity of:
    Anita Dias
    Rua da Gloria 26
    4950-463 Monção, Portugal
    and runs through the following websites:
    For purposes of these terms and conditions it will be referred to as "Luminart Store".
  3. These terms and conditions do not apply to any sites owned by third parties that are visited through links presented in Luminart Store websites.
  4. In the case of purchases originated outside Portugal or Spain, the buyer accepts that, even after the confirmation of the order, Luminart Store can cancel the contract, motivated by legal or contractual impediment to sales to the country of the buyer in the term of 14 days.
  5. The terms and conditions are written in the following languages: Portuguese, Spanish, English and Polish; in case of doubt shall prevail the portuguese version.
II. Contract
  1. The contracts concluded through Luminart Store websites are completed in Portuguese, Spanish, English or Polish, whichever is the language of the particular version of the website used to make the order.
  2. The process of buying goods or services is made by placing the order on the Luminart Store website. After the Client makes the order, he will receive a confirmation e-mail.
  3. The contract shall be considered perfect and complete after the sending of the confirmation of the order by Luminart Store.
  4. The order will be sent in 2-14 business days from the date of confirmation of tje payment.
  5. The order is made online, selecting the type and quantity of products and adding them to the basket, then following the steps fo the order process in the webpage.
  6. The process of purchase through Luminart Store webpages implies and demands the awareness and acceptance of these terms and conditions; and such acceptance is part of the purchase process.
  7. The lack of acceptance of this terms and conditions makes it impossible to buy goods or services through our online shop.
III. Prices and payments
  1. All prices in Luminart Store websites include VAT.
  2. All prices are in EURO.
  3. Product prices shown on the website do not include packaging and delivery costs, which must be selected by the Client in the pruchase process.
  4. The payment must be made by bank transfer, multibanco or paypal.
  5. The Client accepts that some of these methods of payment may become temporarily unavailable, for technical, contractual or legal reasons.
  6. The parties may agree, in a particular purchase, that the payment be made by an alternative method.
  7. After completing the order, the payment must be made in the next 7 days.
  8. After this period the unpaid order will be canceled and the contrac5t will become void.
IV. Sending and delivery
  1. The order will be sent to the address given by the buyer in the order form. In case of an error in spelling of the address Luminart Store cannot be held responsible if the product cannot reach its destination.
  2. The delivery costs are paid in part by the buyer and added to the total value of the order, where it will be listed as a separated item. The Client must select it and will be able to see it before he will complete the order process.
  3. Delivery costs value for the buyers, for deliveries in Portugal is €2,95.
  4. Delivery costs value for the buyers, for deliveries in Spain is €3,95.
  5. Delivery costs value for the buyers, for deliveries in any other country, will be agreed individualy for each case.
  6. The order and delivery will only be processed after confirmation of the payment.
  7. The delivery will be made via registered mail or package with tracking number.
  8. In case the package is damaged upon delivery the Client must refuse to accept the package.
  9. If the buyer decides to accept the demaged package he should:
    1. give notice and describe the damages on the delivery form,
    2. give full cooperation in order for Luminart Store to present a successful complaint before the respective company or insurance.
  10. In both cases, related in the previous points 8 and 9, the buyer should always immediately (in max. 2 days) inform the Luminart Store about the damaged package
V. Guarantee
  1. All products sold by Luminart Store have the legal guarantee. If the buyer is legally regarded as a consumer the time of guarantee is two years.
  2. All our products comply with the EU norms and security requirements. They are only suitable for indoor use.
  3. Our products are not toys and may use electric power to work. The Client must take the necessary precautions to protect children.
  4. All pictures and drawing on the Luminart Store website are for illustration only and may not be showing realistic sizes, proportions and appearance of the products.
VI. Right of withdrawal
  1. The Client, which should be considered a consumer under the applicable law, is entitled to withdraw from contract, within 14 days after the conclusion of the contract or the delivery of goods; by communicating the withdrawal to Luminart Store, by any efective means.
  2. This right of withdrawal does not exist in regards to the assembly service, as provided by article 17º of the Law Decree nº 24/2014; and as such, the value of the service will not be reimbursed.
  3. The price of the returned products will be reimbursed by the same payment method use in the initial transaction or, if that is impossible, by bank transfer to the account indicated by the consumer.
  4. In case of withdrawal, the Client must return the goods, bearing the costs, without undue delay and at the latest after 14 days from the comunication of the withdrawal. The deadline shall be met if the consumer sends back the goods before the period of 14 days has expired.
  5. The goods shoud be returned to: LuminArt, Rua da Gloria 26, 4950-463 Monção, Portugal.
  6. Luminart Store may withhold the reimbursement until it has received the goods to return, or until receives proof the the sending of the goods was made; whichever happens first.
  7. If the goods or their package are damaged upon delivery, and without prejudice of proof that the damage occurred during shipping and delivery, the respective amount will be deducted from the reimbursement of the price
VII. Reclamations
  1. All complaints should be directed to Luminart Store
    1. by email on
    2. by mail (or if you want to submit complaint in person) at the following address: LuminArt, Rua da Gloria 26, 4950-463 Monção, Portugal.
  2. Your complaints and requests will always be considered with kindness and belief in your good faith when you make the effort to explain your situation. We will always try to find an amicable solution.
VIII. Disclaimer
  1. Luminart Store cannot be held responsible for any damage or physical injuries due to inappropriate or abnormal use of their products or that is a result of the lack of necessary or reasonable precautions, by the Client or user, considering the nature of the products or the circunstances mentioned in the point V.3 of these terms and conditions.
  2. Luminart Store shall not be responsible for any damages caused by the use of websites owned by third parties, which are visited through links presented in the Luminart Store websites.
IX. Applicable law
  1. Portuguese law is chosen to govern these terms and conditions and all that is not provided in them; which will always be applicable, except when there are rules of necessary application, related to consumer protection