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You don’t have an idea for a gift? We have a ready solution for you!
We know well how difficult it is sometimes to choose a gift for someone – that's why we came up with our Gift Cards.
This way the person that you are giving the gift can choose by herself the colors of the "perfect garland".

And for you this means totally guaranteed success!
Your gift will always match the tase of the person. :)
It’s also very fast! You just decide how many lights will have the set you want to give – all the rest of the fun and creating the “perfect garland” belongs to the person to whom you make this remarkable gift.
The codes of the Gift Cards will be given manually, usually during the working day after we receive the payment. If you want you can give us your own code to the Gift Card, which will make your gift even more unique. Our Gift Cards are valid for one year from the purchase.

How to order a Gift Card? It's easy!
Select (below) how many cotton balls the garland should be made of and click on the picture – there you will find the rest of the instruction.

Set Descending Direction

Set Descending Direction